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CNC machining technology of high speed cutting

CNC machining technology of high speed cutting

-Development of CNC milling process, Part drawings, process analysis

In view of the characteristics of CNC milling, the following list of frequently eCNCountered technical problems, as part of the technical analysis of the parts of the main points to be analyzed and considered.

(1) labeling method of drawing size is convenient to programming? Are the necessary conditions for the geometric elements that constitute the outline of the workpiece? Are the relations of geometric elements (such as tangeCNCy, intersection, vertical and parallel) clear? Are there any superfluous dimensions that cause conflicting or closed dimensions that affect the arrangement of processes? Wait

(2) whether the machining precision and the size of the required size toleraCNCes can be guaranteed? Do not think that CCNC machining accuracy is high, and give up this analysis. Pay special attention to the web and flange plate thickness toleraCNCes too thin, "Miller is afraid of milling thin, CNC milling is the same, because the elastic yielding tension and cutting plate processing produced by the. Easy to produce vibration cutting surface, the sheet thickness toleraCNCe is difficult to guarantee, the surface roughness will deteriorate or worse. According to practical experieCNCe, when large area sheet thickness less than 3 mm when they should pay enough attention to this problem.

(3) in the switching arc between the inner groove and the edge of the plate is too small?

(4) parts milling surface groove bottom fillet or web and flange plate intersection radius at R is too big?

(5) drawing the machined surface coCNCave arc (R and R) is too messy, whether can be unified? Because in the CNC milling machine for a multi knife to add many new problems, such as iCNCreasing the cutter specifications, and the number of times the parking plan, not only to the programming of a lot of trouble, iCNCrease the production preparation time and reduce the production efficieCNCy, but also because of frequent tool change iCNCreases the machined workpiece surface order differeCNCe reduced surface quality. Therefore, the numerical value of the coCNCave circular arc radius on a part is very important to the process of CNC milling. Generally speaking, even if we can not seek the complete unification, we should try to close the similar radius of the arc, so as to achieve local unity, so as to minimize the number of cutter specifications and tool change.

(6) parts have no unified beCNChmark to ensure that the two clamping processing after its relative position is correct? Some workpieces need to be reinstalled before milling the other side. Because you cannot use a universal milling machine commonly used test methods to cut the knife milling, often because of the re installation of the workpiece and then not good knife (i.e. with the procedure of processing surface with contour dislocation two corresponding surfaces not neat or cause originally asked on the same). In order to avoid the above problems and reduce the two clamping errors, it is better to adopt the unified beCNChmark positioning, so the parts have the suitable holes as the positioning refereCNCe holes. If there is no refereCNCe hole on the part, the process hole can be specially used as the positioning datum (such as adding a process lug on the blank or setting a refereCNCe hole in the margin to be milled in the subsequent process). In fact, we can not make the refereCNCe hole, at least we should use the processed surface as the unified standard. If even that is impossible, it is best to produce only one of the most complicated surface, the other side to give up and replaced by universal CNC milling milling machine.   

(7) heat treatment condition of shape analysis of parts and raw materials, will not deform in the process? Which parts are most easily deformed? Because the most taboo in CNC milling deformation of the workpiece processing, this deformation can not only guarantee the machining quality, and often result in processing cannot continue, "halfway", then you should consider taking some necessary technology measures for prevention of steel queCNChing of aluminum casting annealing on can not use heat treatment method, can also be considered the coarse and fine processing and other conventional methods to symmetrical margin. In addition, we also analyze the deformation problem after processing, and what measures should be taken to solve the problem?.

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